SPORTS CAR MARKET February 2006 Volume 18 No 2

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A brand new back issues of SPORTS CAR MARKET February 2006 Volume 18 No 2

148 pages.

Featuring: Ferrari 250 GT TdF, Land Rover Series I, Monteverdi 375 S, Porsche 550/ 1500RS Spyder ''Le Mans Prototype'', Chevrolet Corvette ''Fuelie'' Convertible, Lotus Type 51 FF, & Triumph TR7  Plus All The Usual Features.

In this issue:

46   1959 Ferrari 250 GT TdF

A ''regular'' TdF brings a record $ 1,475,000.

John Apen

50    1951 Land Rover Series I

Is it possible to over-restore one of these?

Poul Duchene

54    1969 Monteverdi 375 S

Truly an international affair, and now into six figures.

Robert A. Lutz

56     1954 Porsche 550/ 1500RS Spyder ''Le Mans Prototype''

The tiny car with the big pricetag.

Miles Collier

60     1957 Chevrolet Corvette ''Fuelie'' Convertible

Frequent show-goer pulls $ l32k on its most recent trip.

David Gooding

64     1967 Lotus Type 51 FF

Open-wheeled scare tactics on the cheap.

Thor Thorson

68    Mecum Auctions, St. Charles, IL

One lot, five Yenkos, $1.8m. Thanks for playing

Daniel Grunwald

84    Bonhams, Silverstone, UK

A new event and small catalog make for a shaky start

Richard Husdon-Evans

96     Cox Auctions, Branson, MO

The rare October sun reigns on this $2.7/m sale

Dave Kinney

112    MidAmerica Auctions, Blaine, MN

Plenty of bargains up north, but not that 78 TR7

B. Mitchell Carlson

120     eBay Motors

Station wagons, avants, estates, and shooting brakes

Geoff Archer