Kit 4 Unlimited Duckhead conversion with 20mm & 13mm spindles for Motorcycle tire changer.

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The low-profile design reduces interference and friction from the tire during the half on phase, and the rake angle of the lever clears all of the commonly used “drop center tools.” The whole design makes the tire change flow smoothly, avoiding the snags that can turn the task into a chore.

This kit is to upgrade the Harbor Freight motorcycle tire changer to use a duckhead Mount / Dismount attachment.  A duckhead unit that not only makes the process a lot easier, but also enables you to safely work on alloy rims without damage by eliminating contact with the face of the rim.

The Unlimited Duckhead is nylon and only touches the underside of the lip and prevents any contact from the leaver with the rim.

The same Duckhead Arm is used in the car and motorcycle changer.

The kit replaces the rim clamps of the HF motorcycle tire changer with a spindle and pads with a pin that prevents the wheel from rotating

The 3/4“-20 mm spindle will fit through most motorcycle bearings (unlike the Harbor Freight spindle, which is 1” and requires the removal of your bearings to use.

Most motorcycle bearings will fit over the 3/4”-20mm spindle with less than an 1/8” of play which is ideal.

  • Should you have one of the bikes with larger centers in your bearings, please let me know the size and I will make you a custom spindle.

This kit also has the 1/2”-13mm spindle for use with motorcycle rim which have a small hole in the center (like, for example, the BMW K 1200 RS rear wheel which is a single-sided swinging arm wheel with a lug nut going through the center hole), the 1/2”-13mm spindle will fit through it. However, this requires the Harbor Freight overhead arm to be lowered into position and the Harbor Freight vertical 1” spindle to be placed over the top of the 1/2”-13mm spindle using the provide bushing that makes it a tight fit.

The duckhead fits into the swivel that mounts on the spindle and the height is set with the collet. There is an extension arm that fits into either end of the duck head for added Leverage. The kid comes with a 24 inch tire lever and a bead drop Center depressor clamp (Extra Hand)

The kit comes with a tire lever that works perfectly on the duckhead and an Extra Hand.

It is available in Red, Yellow or Black. Other colors may be available on request.

The 3/4"-20mm & 1/2"~13mm Motorcycle. Kit 4 contains:

  • Main Arm with Swivel Plate Thumb Screw, and Duckhead
  • Arm Extension
  • Peg and Pads: 3 covered Rim Pads (to replace the rim clamps on your tire changer),
  • Adjustable Sleeve with the Thumb Screw, Locking Peg and 6 Cable Ties
  • 3/4"-20mm Motorcycle Pivot with Bushing, Collet, and Allen Wrench
  • 3/4"-20mm Spindle with Nut and Washer
  • 1/2"-13mm Motorcycle Pivot with Bushing and Collet
  • 1/2"- 13mm Spindle with Nut and Washer
  • 24" Tire Lever
  • Extra Hand