CLASSIC & SPORTSCAR June 2004 Volume 23 No 3

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A brand new back issues of CLASSIC & SPORTSCAR June 2004 Volume 23 No 3

266 pages.

Featuring: Lamborghini Miura S, Countach, Diablo & Murcielago (8 pages); Ford Capri 4x4 (5 pages); Land Speed Record Benz (5 pages); Nissan 240Z V's 350Z (6 pages); Triumph TR5 & TR6 (5 pages); Aston Martin DB2/4 MkII V's Lancia Aurelia B20 (5 pages); Fiat 500 (4 pages);  Plus All The Usual Features.

In this issue:


Lamborgenius               102

We round up four of Sant'Agata's finest for the ultimate bullfight

Rules of engagement   110

How US safety regs changed design

All-wheel-drive Capri   114

Thirty years on, the sole surviving 4x4 climbs the Alps to find ice

Brooklands Blitzer        120

Recreating LG Hornsted's 18-litre land speed record beast of a Benz

My Classic & I               126

Forever onward: 550,000-mile Elan

Zee-licious                     128

Is Nissan's new 350 worthy of a Z?

Triumphs of design       134

Sorting the Zests from the Zooms

Snapshots of history     140

A car dealer's unique archive

Top Cat                          146

Jaguar V12 meets Thunderbirds - the ultimate space invader

Coupes with class         148

Lancia's subtly elegant Aurelia GT vs Feltham's lusty   DB2/4 MklI

Ford T racer                   154


Where there's muck, there's brass we find, as we drive the Golden Ford

Your first 500                 158

Great starter - Fiat's classless city car


Editorial                             6

News & events                  8

Sport                                14

Lost & found                   20

Full throttle                     28

What's on                        30

Automobilia                    36

Giveaways                        47

Next month                     49

Letters                              50

From the cockpit             51

Subscription offer         162

The specialist                 165

Garage gear                   167

Our classics                    168

Clubs                              174

Market place                  182

Classic price                   192

One you can buy...         193

Classic lives                    266

Meet King of Kustom George Barris