MotorSport magazine November 2005

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Brand new back issues of MotorSport magazine November 2005

In this issue:

30-Second Board                                                                             3

Who was Master Driver of the World? Barney Oldfield...

Letter from the Editor                                                                    7

Getting Brands Hatch fever again at the A1GP meeting

News/My First Race                                                                        8

Legend hails Fernando Alonso/Andrea de Cesaris

Event of the Month: Goodwood   Revival                                   10

Thrills and spills from the world's best historic race meeting

Nigel Roebuck's Legends/Cult Heroes                                        16

Remembering James Hunt/ Sir John Whitmore

Track Back /Adam Cooper's Track Forward                                20

Damon Hill wins Australian GP/Alonso's F1 title

Book/DVD reviews                                                                        23

Model reviews                                                                               24

Letters                                                                                            26

Gilles Villeneuve in Atlantic: lnterserie: 24-hour racers

Subscriptions                                                                                 28

You Were There                                                                             31

Hillclimbing in the Alps, plus James Garner

In the Hot Seat: john Cleland                                                      34

Has age mellowed this rumbustious saloon racer                      7

Next Month                                                                                   35

Great moments at Brands: Richie Ginther


Lotus 18 vs Cooper T53/Damien Smith                                      36

Tiff Needell compares British '60s rivals on track

X-Ray Spec: Lotus 30/Keith Howard                                           46

One of Chapman's duds, taken apart by Len Terry

Colin McRae - World Champion/John Davenport                    48

Ten years on from the Scot's WRC title

Isle of Man TT Sunbeam/Paul Fearnley                                      54

The 1922 winner gets another airing on famous course

Junior Double: Andretti and Unser/David Malsher                   62

Parallel lives of two famous sons of famous fathers

Ferrari 750 Monza/Richard Heseltine                                         68

The fastest sledge in Sweden returns to warmer climes

Photo Feature: US portraits                                                          72

Ever seen Niki Lauda in an IROC car before?

Macau 1983/ Marcus Simmons                                                     74

Up to then Snetterton was the furthest east F3 had gone

Bill Boddy...                                                                                     80

.on why the cyclecar could be due for a comeback

Wheel to Wheel

Reports                                                                                            86

Tour Britannia: Spa Classic Six Hour

News                                                                                                 90

Willie Greenhurt in Goodwood Revival shunt 

Previews                                                                                           92

Roger Albert Clark Rally: Rally of the Tests

Marcus Pye...                                                                                    95

From Brighton Speed Trials to Spa

Simon Taylor's Notebook                                                               97

Rediscovering long-lost circuits

Parting Shot                                                                                     98

Pedro Diniz has a bash at Formula Three